With investment in the community as an imperative, Consol’s collective approach to CSI aligns with our transformation objectives with a focus on education, health, socio-economic development and the environment.

The group allocates 1% of its after tax earnings to projects that can make a sustainable contribution to social and economic advancement within communities and South Africa as a whole.

The Consol board evaluates the community investment programme annually, and may reassess the major focus areas after due consideration of the changing social and economic conditions as well as research insights. Interaction with other grant makers and keeping abreast of grant making trends enables us to make informed, relevant decisions.

As far as possible, employment equity committees at each of our sites engage actively with local communities within close proximity to our factories and where our employees live.

Investment criteria

Our community investment programme is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Community investment resources can stimulate and sustain positive social and economic change in disadvantaged communities
  • Disadvantaged South Africans have the potential to initiate and sustain their own development
  • The programme can generate goodwill towards the company by positioning Consol as a responsible, caring corporate citizen of South Africa
  • Investments will be chosen according to their ability to deliver tangible and sustainable results
  • Financial support should be supplemented where possible by the hands-on participation of our employees
  • Where appropriate, support for organisations will take the form of an ongoing relationship over the long term
  • Investment will not be directed at assisting any political party
  • Employee participation in identifying projects as well as managing them is encouraged

Managing community investment projects

We apply certain basic guidelines in our approach to managing community investment projects:

  • We aim to provide opportunities for people who are prepared to participate. The mechanisms for consultation must be identified by our human resources departments
  • The basic tenets of accountability and responsibility must be developed during the implementation of projects. Participants must realise that Consol’s involvement is regarded as an investment and an act of commitment
  • The project must give participants opportunities for growth and development
  • Consol seeks to develop a sense of self-sufficiency and independence among beneficiaries. Community investment is not an end in itself. It serves as a stimulus for establishing an achievement orientation within a community. Many projects can eventually become self-funding
  • The primary aim of community investment is to promote involvement between management, employees and their communities
  • Projects should be sustainable and one-off projects do not normally qualify for support

Initiatives should include effective follow-up support programmes and as the project develops, more detailed planning will need to be undertaken in communities. This will occur as a result of increasing community interest, and because of the probable need to coordinate Consol’s activities with those of other organisations engaged in similar activities in the same community. This could give rise to the need for community audits during which total needs are researched with a view to arriving at more meaningful programmes.

Consol Continues to Aid Western Cape Learners with the sponsorship of a 4th science lab

Enabling education is at the core of Consol’s values, and our collective Group approach to Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is aligned with our transformation objectives with a focus on investment in sustainable programmes that support the Governments' and our priorities of education, health and social development. This mandate guides us as to which eligible projects to support, and over the past three years, Consol has proudly invested in a total of four Science Technology Laboratories in the Western Cape.

The latest beneficiary of Consol’s corporate commitment is the Phandulwazi High School in Lower Crossroads. Selected as a beneficiary based on the fact that pupils have increased their marks by 37%, learners were delighted to see the school’s science laboratory had been completely overhauled. Equipped with the most recent science and technology learning infrastructure, the laboratory will enable learners to further improve their understanding of this important subject.

Present at the laboratory opening, Consol HR Director, Thami Mkhuzangwe addressed the students saying, "We are really excited to deliver a facility of this nature. We are humbled and honoured to be sponsors. It will produce good students and improves results.”

The principal of the school, Cynthia Booi said being selected as a beneficiary of Consol’s charity was a dream come true. Learners were encouraged to embrace the opportunities presented to them through the onsite state of the art laboratories.

The project to upgrade four Western Cape school science laboratories at a cost of R25 000 has benefitted many Grade 10 students, allowing them to access practical science education and ultimately improve their educational results. The other schools to benefit from Consol’s investment into education include the Dr Nelson Mandela, Masibambisane and Intesebenziswano High Schools.

Learners at Phandulwazi High School

Learners at Phandulwazi High School are exposed to their new science laboratory at the launch that marked the opening of the Consol sponsored technology centre

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