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CSI - Project Khanya

Consol Glass and Jacaranda FM Light Up Communities

The late Nelson Mandela said "It’s time for new hands to lift the burden. It is in your hands now.” Embracing this petition, Consol Glass has partnered with Jacaranda FM to launch Project Khanya - which means light. This inimitable CSI initiative was launched on 17 July 2015, with Consol Solar Jars being handed out to children in areas of need.

Khanya Project

While South Africans might be affected by load shedding there are entire communities that do not have power at all. As a result, people use paraffin stoves to cook, light fires for warmth and use candles as a source of light. Sadly accidents happen and young and old can end up losing their homes, their possessions or with terrible, life changing burns.

Khanya Project

In response to this crisis, Consol and Jacaranda FM will be going into communities over the next few months with the sole purpose of distributing the Consol Solar Jars to impoverished communities. A safe source of lighting, it is hoped that the initiative will help light up SA while reducing the risk of shack fires by eliminating candles and paraffin – both major contributors to fires. In addition to these safety benefits, the Solar Jars enable education and social upliftment. Research indicates that children with access to a reliable light source study for longer and dramatically improve their pass rates and ultimately their futures.

We invite you to support the campaign by donating R100 to the cause – funding that will be used to purchase Consol Solar Jars for distribution to needy communities. We are committed to channelling thousands of Solar Jars to those who need them most and, through joint participation with our suppliers, we are able to offer our Solar Jars at R100 specifically for this initiative. No contribution is too small and to get involved in Project Khanya donations can be made to:

Account name:Jacaranda FM
Branch:RMB Corporate Banking - Johannesburg
Branch code:255005
Reference:LIGHT & your name

Consol and Jacaranda FM are proud partners of this joint initiative and look forward to bringing about meaningful change at a grass roots level where the need is greatest.

Send proof of payment to: projectkhanya@jacarandafm.com

Click here for more information on the new Consol Solar Jar.