The Consol Group had its start when Anglovaal took control of Pretoria Glass Works in January 1944. Consolidated Glass Works Limited was registered in May 1946 and later it absorbed outside companies including Union Glass, Pretoria Industrial Plastics, Time Packaging, Cargus, Goodyear South Africa, Tredcor and Interpak. The chronology that follows outlines the group’s evolution.

2013Consol Pretoria (CSG) closes, as part of an effort to streamline business efficiencies
2011Nigel produces its first good glass
2009JulIn July 2009,considering the operational fit of its Consol Plastics business to be non-core to the ongoing Group business of operating in the glass industry, Consol announced the suspension of the operations of the business which resulted in the cessation of production activities at the end of August 2009.
Background on Consol Plastics:
  • Consol Plastics was formed in 1962 when Consol acquired a small plastics factory in Pretoria previously run by Anglovaal.
  • In 1963 the operation moved to Germiston where it was later enlarged and the business diversified.
  • In the 1980s Consol Plastics opened further factories in Natal, Ciskei and the Cape.
  • At this time, Consol was repositioning itself as a multifaceted packaging group.
  • Consol Plastics comprised three business units, serving diverse sectors of the plastics packaging markets.
  • Plastform was sold by Consol Limited to Atrapak Limited in 2006.
  • The Flexibles business was sold by Consol Limited to Polypak in May 2006.
  • Rigid Plastics is situated in Wadeville, Gauteng, and supplies rigid plastic packaging for household chemicals, paints, food products, motor oils, swimming pool treatments, cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceuticals.
The processing capability includes Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM), Injection Stretch Blow Moulding (ISBM), In Mould Labelling (IML), Injection Moulding, 6 Colour Offset Litho Printing, 5 Colour Silkscreen Printing, as well as the facility to label on behalf of our customers.
2009Nigel - 2009 Consol announced the development of a new greenfield manufacturing plant in Nigel, Gauteng. This two-furnace glass factory, with an investment value of R1.5-billion, would be developed to have an output of 110 000 tons of good glass per annum, per furnace. Environmental Impact Assessment processes were completed in February 2009 and site establishment was expected to begin in late 2010. The first furnace will be commissioned between late 2010 and early 2011, depending on market demand and the level of capacity harvested from within existing operations
2007JulBellville - B1: The Bellville number one furnace was rebuilt and expanded at a cost of R410-million and completed in July 2007 adding 60 000 tons of capacity.
2007MayClayville - C4: In May 2007 the group announced further capacity expansion and investment into a new furnace at Clayville (C4) valued at R410-million, which was commissioned in April 2008. This new furnace and production operation has provided an additional 12 percent capacity or 90 000 tons of glass per annum.
2007AprilThe business operations of Consol Limited were sold to Consol Glass Proprietary Limited on 11 April 2007 after the successful private equity buy-out led by Brait and Consol Limited was delisted on the JSE. In terms of the restructuring Consol Glass Proprietary Limited became a wholly owned subsidiary of Consol Holdings Limited, whose major shareholders are Brait Private Equity, Old Mutual, Sanlam, The Public Investment Corporation, HarbourVest Private Equity Fund and Capital International Private Equity.
2007AprilAt an investment of R410 million, Consol Bellville (B1) Furnace is tapped, rebuilt and expanded to accommodate a further 60 000 tons of glass capacity
2006JulClayville - C3: Consol commissioned a third furnace and production line at Clayville in July 2006 with a capacity of 90 000 tons at a cost of R320-million.
2006JulPlant ready for early production
2006JunConsol invest a further R21-million into a cullet processing plant at the Consol Clayville site
2006JunAs a further extension to the Consol production lines is evident through an investment of R320-million furnace. The start-up phase begins
2006JunConsol Limited disposes of Consol Flexibles
2006MayConsol Limited disposes on Plastform to Astrapak Limited
2006Consol Speciality Glass becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Consol Limited
2005SepConsol wins SAB Packaging Supplier of the Year Award
2005SepThe first Cullet Processing Plant financed at a cost of R14 million was launched at Consol Bellville in support of Consol's commitment to the sustainability of the industry and a further commitment to the investment into Glass Recycling
2005Consol invests R40 million in a world class state of the art ESP - Elecrostatic Precipitator as a commitment to clean air.
2005AugWorld's first Braille Bottle launched in Worcester
2004Consol launched Consol XPRS Shop - first retail outlet positioned to service customers who would like to buy smaller quantities direct from Consol
1994FebConsol celebrates its fiftieth anniversary
1993NovConsol paper takes over Interpak
1993NovConsol takes over customer mouldings business from Nampak
1993JulContred takes over Safe-T-Tyre
1993AprMike McNamara appointed MD of Contred
1992DecConsol takes 100 per cent control of Contred
1992management changes to Consol Glass, Consol Plastics
1992recession forces lay-offs at the glass factories
1992FebConsol increases its stake in Contred to 74,6 per cent
1991OctConsol rights issue nets R301,6 million
1991Consol promulgates Consol Tenets
1991June Consol Plastics sells garbage bag division, Kuils River
1991MayTycon in Uitenhage earns NOSA’s five-star rating
1991introduction of 1,5-litre PET bottle
1990MayConsol Plastics sells Bags & Sacks, the former Paktex
1990two-week strike at Speedbox Benoni; plant later closed
1990MarGundle construction / agricultural / branches sold to Plastall
1990FebSA government announces scrapping of apartheid
1990FebGundle packaging / industrial sold to Murry & Roberts
1990JanTycon and Tredcor merge at ‘Contred’
1989Octstart-up of IS ten-section triple-gob, Clayville
1989Oct commissioning of second furnace at Clayville
1989Augeleven-week strike at Uitenhage factory
1989Jul24,8 per cent of MKM sold to Grinaker Construction
1989JulConsol takes over Goodyear South Africa, renamed ‘Tycon’
1989MayConsol and Goodyear resume takeover discussions
1989Gold pack awards for innovation 2 of 3 to Consol Plastics
1988NovTalana achieves SABS ISO 9000
1988OctConsol and Goodyear in abortive takeover discussions
1988SepMike McNamara appointed first non-American MD of Goodyear South Africa
1988Febthree-week strike at Goodyear, Uitenhage
1987Novnew gypsum processing plant, Philippi
1987Novacquisition of Regran Polymers (plastics recycling)
1987Owens-Illinois taken over by KKR
1987MayGoodyear team from Akron opens talks with Tredcor
1986NovLiquipak parent sold, so Phoenix operation suspended
1986Novacquisition of MKM Engineering
1986Oct Goodyear fighting off hostile takeover bid
1986Oct fire at Consol Paper, Alrode; destruction of paper stocks
1986Consol executives sent on courses in Excellence
1986AprConsol Paper acquired Corro-Pack, Pietermaritzburg
1986Marstart of in-mould labeling (IML), Consol Plastics
1986MarConsol’s enlarged head office ready for occupation
1986Zimbabwe Glass Industries and Gweru factory sold to IDC
1986Febstart of Consol Plastics factory, Dimbaza, Ciskei
1985DecConsol designs electric furnace for Japan
1985Octstart-up of flexible plastics factory, Kuils River
1985AugConsol Plastics acquires Gundle Plastics
1985MayConsol Paper acquires Speedbox of Benoni
1985MayPhoenix plastics factory recommissioned
1985Maymore looms commissioned, Bags & Sacks in Ladysmith
1985Marstrike at Pretoria factory
1985FebTredcor takes over six more branches of Natyre
1985FebConsol Paper acquires Marathon Packaging, Springs
1984NovTredcor takes over ten branches of Natyre
1984Octfire at Consol Plastics, Phoenix
1984Oct Consol Paper acquires Wilder Packaging, Atlantis
1984JulConsol a founder member of Packaging Council of SA
1984extension of Wadeville PET plant, Consol Plastics
1984Juncommissioning of Consol Paper factory, Phoenix
1984JunConsol Plastics acquires balance of Paktex
1984MayGoodyear SA produces its first Unisteel truck tyre
1984Consol signs its first agreement with a black trade union
1984Jancommissioning of feldspar plant, Die Moot
1983NovConsol Plastics acquires Cargus flexible packaging, Cape Town
1983Novstart-up of Consol Plastics factory, Phoenix
1983AugGlass, Plastics and Paper become autonomous subsidiaries within the Consol
1983JulConsol Plastics buys 70 per cent of Paktex, Ladysmith
1983JunConsol Plastics launches block bottomed valve sack
1983MayConsol takes over Liquipak franchise, Durban
1983Aprcommissioning of Consol Paper factory, Kuils River
1982Junlaunch of Plasti-Shield non-returnable bottles
1982merger of Mastertreads and TrenTyre within Tredcor
1982Junfirst glass bottles produced at Clayville
1982MayConsol Plastics begins making bottles in PET
1982FebGoodyear SA launches steel-belted ‘NCTs’
1981Agnati board machine commissioned at Time Packaging
1981Consol increases stake in Time Packaging to 99,3 per cent
1981opening of new training centre at Wadeville
1981Junstart-up of 10-section, computer-controlled IS machine from Owens-Illinois at Wadeville
1981MarConsol’s glass factories operating at full stretch
1981FebJan Robbertze advances; Piet Neethling is Consol’s MD
1980Oct Consol’s name changed to ‘Consol Ltd’
1980Aug CGW (Rhodesia) renamed Zimbabwe Glass Industries
1980Goodyear SA co-operates with Mastertreads
1980FebConsol acquires 75,1 per cent of Time Packaging, Alrode
1979AugConsol Moulds & Dies deregistered
1979Mastertreads and TrenTyre combine to float ‘Novatyre” in Springbok
1979JulConsol Plastics acquires SA Blown Containers
1979launch of Contuff toughened tableware
1979MayConsol’s plastics division is making profits
1978section of Gwelo furnace ‘frozen’ to reduce capacity
1978SepGoodyear SA moves to a new head office, Walmer
1978Hennie Roos appointed Consol’s general factories manager
1977Nov‘liaison committees’ empowered to negotiate on wages
1976Julrenewal / expansion of agreement with Owens-Illinois
1976JunErnest King retires; Jan Robbertze is Consol’s MD
1976JunBasil Hersov joins board of Goodyear SA
1976MarConsol co-sponsors World Bowls Championships
1975start-up of first eight-section IS machine, Wadeville
1975Sepcommissioning of Wadeville W3 furnace (electric)
1975JulArt Renner appointed general factories manager
1975TrenTyre takes over Williamson & Patterson
1975Janopening of new Consol group training centre, Wadeville
1975Janannouncement of quartzite mining scheme, De Rust
1974OctGoodyear SA introduces ‘Grand Prix’ radial
1974OctConsol announces group pension and bursary schemes
1974Seplaunch of customer seminars at Wadeville
1973Mastertreads builds earthmover tyre factory in Kimberley
1972Novfire at Consol Plastics warehouse in Wadeville
1972Octintroduction of twist-off crown cork on beer bottles
1972‘liaison committee’ introduced at Wadeville
1972MayJowell family takes control of Ten-Up Retreaders
1972Goodyear SA introduces ‘Goodyear Spirit’ award
1972Bellville begins producing Hella headlamp lenses on B2
1972Janintroduction of Consol News / Pak Chat
1972Jandivisionalisation: glass/plastics/Rhodesia/sand
1971launch of ‘Keep South Africa Tidy’ campaign
1971Sepcommissioning of HE28 (tumbler) machine, Pretoria
1971MarMastertreads moves into the Transvaal
1970SA converts to metric sizes
1970Consol buys half-share in MKM Engineering
1970Goodyear SA starts a major expansion. The largest yet
1970Sepdeath of Doc Donen; Ernest King becomes Consol MD
1970Pretoria’s P2 furnace converted to ell-electric melting
1970Juldeath of Slip Menell; his son Clive becomes chairman
1969deals affecting J W Cussons and MKM Engineering
1969Consol tackles Die Moot sand deposit, Transvaal
1968Consol starts palletizing
1968Julagreement with Owens-Illinois on plastic packaging
1968MayConsol opens sales office in Port Elizabeth
1967Juncommissioning of Wadeville’s W4 electric furnace, largest in the southern hemisphere
1967demand for glassware falling
1966Consol arranges to make PVC and plastic crates
1966Goodyear SA unveils the ‘G800’, its first radial
1966MarConsol signs technical agreement with Owens-Illinois, which also buys shares
1965NovRhodesia declares UDI; Gwelo loses Zambian market
1965Sepstart-up of new furnace (T3) at Talana
1964Consol signs technical agreement with British Heat-Resisting Glass
1964Octstart-up of Bellville’s third furnace (B3)
1964foundation of MKM Engineering
1964Consol buys 40 per cent of J W Cussons, precision engineers making machine spares
1964JulGwelo factory starts operation
1964Clive Menell appointed to Consol’s board
1964Consol opens a sales office in Durban
1964Consol wins Herbert Evans Trophy at Rand Easter Show
1964MarConsol shareholders tour Wadeville factory
1964expansion programme increases capacity by 20 per cent
1963PIP plant transferred from Pretoria to Wadeville
1963Consol’s Transvaal sales office moves to Edura House
1963AprPretoria introduces Galique and Opalex tableware
1962Novstart-up of second furnace (B2) at Bellville
1962AugConsol acquires Pretoria Industrial Plastics (PIP)
1962MayGoodyear SA unveils ‘Tufsyn’
1962MayNormans Transport opens in the Transvaal
1961Consol sets up sales office in Salisbury, Rhodesia
1961JunAdamson retires; Doc Donen becomes Consol’s MD
1961AprConsol opens permanent pavilion at Rand Easter Show
1961formation of Consumer Products Department
1960Anglovaal Industries buys SA Breweries holding in Consol
1959Consol launches year-round cullet collection scheme
1959Consol introduces dumpy to head off challenge from cans
1958commissioning of P3 (opal) furnace at Pretoria
1957start-up of Wadeville’s W3 furnace
1957operations cut back at Bellville and Wadeville
1957Consol divests Laborglass and Glassblowing Industries
1956JulConsol signs contract with Normans Transport, Cape
1956JulConsol opens brand-new Cape Glass Works, Bellville
1956Consol buys factory site in Gwelo, Rhodesia
1956Goodyear SA starts major expansion in Uitenhage
1956Consol buys more of Wadeville to allow for expansion
1956Julserious fire at Talana; No 5 furnace down for six months
1956Janstart-up of Wadeville’s W2 furnace in aircraft hangar
1955Mastertreads chain extended to Springbok
1955Consol opens sales office in Johannesburg
1955Consol acquires Laborglass and Glassblowing Industries
1954Sepmerger of Consolidated Glass Works and Union Glass
1953JuneGoodyear SA’s ‘Super-Cushion’ replaced by ‘Plus Ten’
1952new and faster machines for Pretoria
1951Consol announces maiden dividend
1951JanHarold Bateson appointed MD of Union Glass
1951JanBob Adamson leaves Talana, joins Consol as MD
1950introduction of Consol preserve jar
1950No 5 furnace (T2) commissioned at Talana
1949disappointment over Wadeville’s first-year results
1949Pretoria produces pressed ware for the first time
1949incorporation of Consol Moulds & Dies, Wadeville
1949JanBob Hersov dies; Slip Menell chairman of Anglovaal
1948Sepstart of production at Wadeville glass factory
1948Mayopening of Mastertreads in Cape Town
1948MayWadeville factory chimney topples over
1947Junofficial opening of Uitenhage factory
1947JanGoodyear’s Uitenhage factory produces first tyre
1947JanConsol begins clearing factory site at Wadeville
1946Consol acquires Industrial Sand & Engineering
1946AugGoodyear SA head office moved to Port Elizabeth
1946Maystart of Consolidated Glass Works; Slip Menell in chair
1946Janconstruction starts of Goodyear SA’s factory, Uitenhage
1945Augend of World War II
1944Julincorporation of The Industrial Sand & Engineering Co
1944JulPretoria Glass transferred to Anglovaal Industries (AVI)
1944Marfourth furnace commissioned at Talana
1944JanAnglovaal takes over Pretoria Glass Works
1942Pretoria commissions P2 furnace
1940Julthird furnace completed at Talana
1939SepSA enters World War II
1937Robert Shapiro founds Pretoria Glass Works
1937Augfire destroys Talana bottle sorting sheds
1936Goodyear tyres being made in Durban by Dunlop
1934JanTalana commissions second furnace plus Monish bottle forming machines
1933Junflotation of Anglovaal
1932DecSA suspends the Gold Standard
1929DecSA raises tariff on imported glass containers to 25%
1928Owens Bottle Co and Illinois Glass Co merge as ‘Owens-Illinois’’, Toledo
1926JulBob Adamson and Arnold brothers brought out from UK
1925Talana procures first silica sand from Philippi, Cape
1923Talana reopens, and automatic bottle machines introduced
1922MarTalana works forced to close for 15 months
1921Goodyear SA moves head office to Johannesburg
1921second tank furnace built at Talana
1919SepGlass Ltd joins S A Breweries, becomes ‘Union Glass’
1918Glass Ltd relocates to an old coal mine at Talana, Dundee
1916Octformation of Glass Ltd in Durban; Otto Siedle in chair
1915Octformation of Goodyear SA, managed from Cape Town
1914AugSA enters World War I
1913Henry Allkin begins importing Goodyear tyres to SA
1903Michael Owens invents automatic bottle machine, Toledo
1898Augfoundation of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co, Akron, Ohio