We provide quality glass packaging solutions for a number of industries, including beer, wine, alcoholic fruit beverage, spirits, non-alcoholic beverage and food. Our portfolio has also expanded over the years to include tableware, as well as packaging for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries – serving a wide range of local and international customers. For a list of our products please review our product catalogue.

Consol’s technical expertise and commitment to quality, in collaboration with our partners within the beer and alcoholic fruit beverage industries, continues to enhance the overall ‘ice-cold’ consumption occasion creating moments of pure enjoyment and brand value time and time again.

The finesse and appreciation for the passion that is invested in the crafting of fines wines is acknowledged and respected by the Consol team who are committed to ensuring that the perfect packaging compliments these fine creations.

80% of South Africans prefer glass because it does not change the taste of food* – so why choose anything else for your brands and products. (* Ipsos Khayabus Research, November 2013)

Bottles in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours are available to brands for the showcasing of not only everyday fruit juices, water and carbonated soft drinks, but for premium, limited edition specialities as well.

From age-old timeless traditions and authenticity to the celebration of the now in uniqueness and distinction of the spirits category; innovation in design and customization to match brand value is found in the glass packaging solutions available from Consol.

Our windows to the world of glass packaging are our Consol Shop retail outlets in Gauteng (Woodmead) and the Western Cape (Stellenbosch), which showcase glass to the public and also address the requirements of small orders from customers.