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Our Brand

With a proudly South African heritage, the Consol brand has "officially” existed since May 1946 when it was incorporated as "Consolidated Glass Works Ltd." and a flagship factory at Wadeville in Germiston, Gauteng, was built. In reality though, the Consol story is a little older, and began in January 1944 when a new Johannesburg finance house acquired a pioneering glassworks factory in Pretoria. The finance house was Anglovaal, and the modest Pretoria Glass was the foundation on which the Consol brand of today was built.

For many years, Consol stayed true to its origins and produced only glass containers and tableware. In 1954 it merged with its only rival, Union Glass of Talana near Dundee in Northern Natal, founded in 1918. In 1956 Consol built a new factory in Bellville in the Cape and in 1982 a sixth glass factory was opened at Clayville in Midrand. Our Greenfields Nigel site opened in 2012.

Today, some 65 years on, Consol remains a premium, resolute, trustworthy and robust brand, delivering superior, world class, glass packaging and impacting positively on people’s lives, daily by providing them with moments of pure enjoyment.

Behind any world class brand is a dedicated team of people, committed and passionate about producing excellent glass. At Consol this remains an imperative, and the Consol team embraces all the brand qualities and attributes.

At a functional level, the Consol brand can be described as delivering premium quality products to customers and consumers that meet their varied needs. In doing so, it stays true to the inherent unique qualities of glass, which include a health and environmental consciousness as well as the ability to preserve taste and be reused and recycled.

Fashionably and emotively, we are described as aspirational, classic, elegant, timeless, trendy, stylish, magical and mystical. A part of things that make life beautiful... and synonymous with the clink factor and all things good

Some consumer insights...

"Glass is a highly emotive product, distinctly different from other packaging formats, which tend to share functional attributes only."

"Glass is an accessible luxury for the masses."

"Glass offers 'something for me' moments."