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Technical Expertise

Consol runs well-invested and well maintained facilities employing industry-leading technology.

We also benefit from technology and licensing agreements with major US and European global glass packaging and equipment companies such as Owens-Illinois. Our licensing agreement affords us the exclusive rights to use O-I technology, equipment and operational know how in South Africa. Advanced electronically controlled manufacturing equipment is also purchase from European suppliers such as Emhart and Sorg, with whom we also have long-term relationships.

Consol’s facilities are regularly benchmarked against American and European facilities and are comparable to those of global glass packaging companies.

Proudly delivering expert advice and sharing our extensive knowledge of the glass manufacturing process with customers for over 65 years, we are well placed to partner with and advise our customers, from new designs to trial phase runs and production runs.

Our offering has been extended to include a comprehensive bottle design service, a Glass Analytical Laboratory and a glass training school. Our technical team is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for glass filling line support.

Technical Expertise