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Why Glass

In today’s overcrowded market, consumers are constantly facing choice fatigue. Consumption is a means of self-expression, and therefore, developing products that recognize these individual preferences is critical.

Glass provides latitude for packaging enhancement with a timeless elegance, allowing marketers to prevent their product from drifting into commodity status and helping to differentiate premium products from other premium and non- premium competition in the same product family. Today glass is recognised as a trusted, versatile, healthy, sophisticated and 100% recyclable packaging choice with the ability to meet consumers needs on a functional and emotional as well as an aesthetic and sensory level. These fundamental differentiators make glass a popular packaging choice.

As a packaging type, glass communicates and commands space and on-shelf attention at point of purchase.

The glass manufacturing process itself continues to be perfected through sheer human and technical ingenuity and today glass can be moulded into an infinite number of shapes and sizes for consumer appeal, form and functionality. Creative labelling, embossing and other decorative treatments enable customised product offerings to be developed, further enhancing its status. This ensures packaging significance relevance, and the image of a premium, status brand.