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Today glass is recognized as a trusted packaging type, with the ability to meet consumer needs on a functional, emotional as well as aesthetic and sensory level. Some of its differentiators and fundamental benefits include:

  1. Style - as a truly aspirational product, glass adds a sense of style and good taste to any occasion and endorses the quality image of its contents.
  2. Drinking From Glsasse
  3. Taste - No other packaging form matches the ability of glass to extend shelf life and retain product integrity, taste and flavour.
  4. Taste
  5. 100% Recyclable - Completely organic, glass is as healthy for the environment as it is for the individual. Starting its life as sand, glass is carefully fashioned into many useful products, including bottles and jars. The beauty of glass is that it is infinitely recyclable. Recycling glass products therefore contributes to the preservation of our planet. As a sustainable packaging solution, it takes nothing away from the environment and leaves nothing behind. recyclable
  6. Healthy - Made from natural substances, glass packaging is completely odourless and impermeable, ensuring that food and beverages remain as intended. Containing no contaminants, it is the only packaging type that can claim to be 100% pure, non-porous and "generally regarded as safe” (GRAS) by the US Food and Drug Administration.
  7. Versatile - Consistent in form and limitless in function, glass is as reliable as it is versatile, maintaining its good looks and strength after its initial function. Glass bottles and jars can constantly be reinvented and reused over and over again.