If you appreciate good taste then download these tantalising food and beverage recipes. Styled and served in glass – they are an expression of sophistication and will appeal to those who recognise the finer things in life.

Tomato Salsa


Eat your way to better health with foods naturally fermented, like this Tomato Salsa which is a delicious accompaniment to just about any savoury dish and a great source of probiotics. Build your immunity, gut health and encourage weight loss by eating foods fermented in glass.

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Chilli Sauce


Get a fiery fix of probiotics from this naturally fermented Chilli Sauce. A delicious blend of fresh chillies, bell peppers, garlic and seasoning, this easy to follow fermentation recipe will add some heat to your health and your food. For successful fermentation, make sure you choose an airtight glass bottle or jar.

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Fruit Chutney


The best things come in glass, so it makes sense that this fermented fruit chutney, packed with probiotics, should only be produced and preserved in glass. Select fruit from this season’s bounty and eat your way to good health with foods fermented in glass.

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Consol Mixology


Naturally fermented foods – prepared in glass bottles and jars – are a great source of probiotics which are the key to a healthy gut and a happy brain – among other benefits. Try this fool proof recipe for Pickled Beetroot and eat your way to better health with foods fermented in glass.

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Sunday Times Cocktails

Shake up your picnic with delicious designer drinks, transported and served in stylish, practical, elegant Consol Glass. It's a cut above the rest.

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Consol Mixology


If you have a penchant for mixing, fusing and serving up unique cocktail blends, then take a look at our Consol cocktails – stylishly served in glass bottles and jars of course. There are delicious creations for every taste and occasion.

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