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Consol Mixology

Consol Mixology is all about style and taste, so if you have a penchant for mixing, fusing and serving up unique cocktail blends, then take a look at our Consol cocktails – stylishly served in glass bottles and jars of course. There are delicious creations for every taste and occasion.

Here is the recipe book for a number of the Consol cocktails, as well as the videos of our Consol Mixology Experts demonstrating how to create these tasty cocktails at home.

Consol Mixology Book


Courtesy of Consol, enjoy a range of cocktails that are matchless and uniquely South African, with ingredients that are as inspired as the glass they are served in.

Click here to download the Consol Mixology Recipe Book [2 MB]


Below are some of the videos and cocktails created by our Consol Mixology Experts.

Lavender Blush

Vanilla Burst

Serengeti Swirl


Peppa Juice

Whip Lash

Blue Dissolve

Sunrise Float (Non-alcoholic fruit cocktail)

Liquid Kryptonite

FullMoon (Milk Stout cocktail)