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Consol Grip & Go™ Active (500ML)

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New 2-In-1 storage

For those who like to be active and keep moving, the new Consol Grip & Go™ Active bottle is an ideal addition to their tog bag.

The new range – essentially the trusted 500ml Grip & Go™ bottle now fitted with a BPA-free flip top lid – is perfect for keeping hydrated while exercising or simply on the run. Easy to open and close, the spout has a small spill safe opening and has been designed for easy drinking on the go.

So while you are hauling uphill on the treadmill, you can hydrate and keep your thirst in check.

Living a healthy lifestyle includes eating clean, drinking water, and staying active. It therefore makes sense to refresh and drink from packaging that’s equally healthy, while exercising. Further, glass does not deteriorate, corrode, stain or fade so the Grip & Go Active will retain its good looks while you are working on yours.

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