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Consol Private Label

Traditionally, we have supplied glass packaging to both large and small customers, as well as to the general public. Due to consumer demand for Consol products and homeware, we launched the Consol Private Label which makes it possible to add style and elegance to any home. The Consol Private Label is a collection of glassware, tableware and storageware within the Consol Basics™ and Consol Classic™ ranges.

Consol Basics™ includes a number of functional and inexpensive products which add a little sparkle to the home.

Consol Classic™ comprises of a range of products, including practical and stylish storageware, timeless glassware and tasteful tableware, all of which are reasonably priced.

Click here to see the Private Label catalogue which includes information about these products.

Within this catalogue we have also included our latest glass packaging innovations including the popular Solar Jar™, Grip & Go™, Curvy™ and range of My Jars™. For more information on these innovations please click here.

Products listed in the Private Label catalogue are available from the Consol Shops* and selected retail outlets.
* Only selected items are available at the Consol Shops.