About Us

We’re passionate about glass

At Consol Glass, we’re passionate about glass, with the little clink you hear when two glasses meet, and with how its versatility never fails to surprise us. And after more than 70 years of making glass in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes, there’s no sign of that ever changing. After all, the best things come in glass.

77% of South Africans believe that products in glass are better quality
– IPSOS Khayabus Research, November 2013

Sturdy, timeless, beautiful, trendy, infinitely recyclable and whose form is only limited, quite literally, by our imagination, glass is special in a way that no other packaging is. No matter the shape of the bottle or jar, it not only preserves but accentuates the things you store in it. Have you ever heard that drinking out of glass just tastes better? Well, it’s true.


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