Matrics in Antarctica

Matrics In Antarctica (MIA)) is the brain child of pioneering explorer, Riaan Manser. h This is a competition that is open to every single matric student in South Africa from which 5 lucky Matrics will be chosen to go on an educational adventure of a lifetime to Antarctica. Consol Glass is a platinum sponsor. MIA links perfectly with our environmental pillar and our IChanged2050 campaign. We have an amazing opportunity to educate the youth of South Africa about glass. As part of the call to entry, each matric student from year one had to answer the question: If saving nature and the environment is a world problem – how can YOU help? What can you do in your own hometown that you believe will make a positive impact on the planet and possibly Antarctica? This year’s question, still needs to be decided on, but the gist will be similar, if not the same. This is an influential question and one will see how change will take place in their communities. The added bonus is that the top five students must implement this idea into their overall campaign in their respective communities. It is driving change on the ground that is extremely powerful. Follow the journey at

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