Women in Glass

To honour and celebrate the diverse, talented and dynamic women who work in glass, we have several initiatives that encourage and empower women to take control of their careers. The company’s Women in Glass initiative is one that has been designed specifically to facilitate this empowerment process.

The year-long programme targets young women at supervisory and junior management levels to enhance retention and drive skills development. As we aim to nurture our next generation of leaders, the first group of 20 young women will be building competencies in various areas such as the ecosystem of influence, cultivating allies through communication, emotional intelligence, seeking opportunities, resilience and creating personal leadership characteristics.

In addition, several our other programmes, such as apprenticeships and learnerships, have a strong bias towards growing the number of young women who are recruited to participate.

Our focus on inclusivity extends to two external programmes that Consol sponsors in our communities. A New Venture Creation (NVC) Learnership project for unemployed youth with disabilities and farming learnerships for emerging farmers from disadvantaged backgrounds, have both included a notable number of women among the beneficiaries.

Watch our Women in Glass video to hear the powerful views that  Consol women have on the business and the value that women add to the glass industry.


Women In Glass