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An overview of Consol

  • March 05 2017
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  • Consol is the largest glass manufacturer in Sub-Saharan Africa and through service excellence, quality and product innovation is able to deliver value creation and world-class glass packaging solutions.
  • A company with a rich heritage – it celebrates 70 years of manufacturing excellence in 2016.
  • An unwavering commitment to quality and world-class in-house expertise, coupled with a customer-centric approach to providing specialised, turnkey solutions to packaging requirements, has ensured our expansion and investment in capacity and infrastructure.
  • As a Group, our current (2016) capacity is approximately 850 000 tons of glass per annum.
  • Consol has four glass operations in South Africa located in Bellville (Western Cape), Clayville (Midrand - Gauteng), Nigel (Gauteng), Wadeville (Germiston - Gauteng), Central Glass Industries Limited (Kenya) and Glassforce (Nigeria), comprising 11 furnaces and 29 production lines. These sites produce a range of glass packaging for the food and beverage industries inclusive of the beer, alcoholic fruit beverage, spirits, wine, fruit juice, soft drinks and mineral water markets.
  • In Africa, Consol has 2 operations located in Kenya (100% acquisition) and Nigeria (51% acquisition of Glassforce), comprising of 2 furnaces and 4 production lines.  These sites produce a range of beer, spirits, soft drinks and food markets. 

Site Specifics


  • Furnaces: 4
  • Machines: 9
  • Colours: Flint, Green, Amber, Dark Green, Dead Leaf Green and Antique Green
  • Annual Glass Production: 270 00 tonnes
  • Industries: Wine, Beer, Food, Fruit Juice, Mineral Water and Alcoholic Fruit Beverages


  • Furnaces: 2
  • Machines: 8
  • Colours: Flint, Green and Amber
  • Colourant Foreharths:  1
  • Annual Glass Production:  170 000 tonnes 
  • Industries: Alcoholic Fruit Beverages, Food, Spirits, Beer, Fruit Juices, Soft Drinks, Pharmaceuticals
  • Labelling Capabilities:  PSL x 2, Sleever x 1


  • Furnaces: 4
  • Machines: 8
  • Colours: Amber, Flint, Green, Dark Green
  • Annual Glass Production: 300 000 tonnes
  • Industries: Beer, Fruit Juices, Alcoholic Fruit Beverages


  • Furnaces: 1
  • Machines: 4
  • Colours: Amber, Flint and Green
  • Annual Glass Production: 110 000 tonnes
  • Industries: Alcoholic Fruit Beverages, Beer and Spirits

Central Glass Industries:

  • Furnaces: 1
  • Machines: 2
  • Colours: Amber, Flint and Green
  • Annual Glass Production:  36 000 tonnes
  • Industries: Beer, Spirits, Soft Drinks and Food


  • Furnaces: 1
  • Machines: 2
  • Colours: Amber and Green
  • Annual Glass Production:  40 000 tonnes
  • Industries: Beer and Spirits

  • Blue-chip customers include South African and international companies like SAB Miller, Distell, Diageo, Heineken, Namibia Breweries Limited, Tiger Brands, Breerivier Bottling, Douglas Green Bellingham, Edward Snell & Co, Coca-Cola and Appletiser to name a few.
  • Consol continues to directly export product to 17 different countries, including Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Swaziland, Botswana, Madagascar, Seychelles, Mauritius, Reunion and Lesotho.
  • Consol bottles are made using up to 70% recycled glass and part of its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and environmental responsibility includes expenditure on cullet recycling plants valued at R180-million at the company’s Bellville and Clayville operations. The annual operational cost of facilitating this glass recycling process is an estimated R76-million and is part of the Group’s commitment to sustainability. This includes the procurement, handling, processing and transportation of waste glass from all over South Africa for recycling purposes.  In the last financial year, Consol processed over 180,000 tons of cullet (waste/broken glass), representing a recycling rate of a minimum 30%.
  • Consol is also leading an environmentally-conscious drive to further reduce the carbon footprint of glass packaging through the deployment of even more advanced technology and processes to manufacture bottles and jars that weigh up to 32% less without any loss of strength or quality. In 2006 the average weight of a 750ml non-returnable wine bottle was 516g - today Consol is producing a bottle with a screw cap finish for the wine industry that weighs just 350g; a significant reduction of 32%.  This Consol wine bottle is 100g (or 25%) lighter than any other lightweight bottle currently available in South Africa.
  • In addition to this Consol invests operational expenditure relating to the glass recycling project which supports local business. Consol encourages glass recycling, incentivising the collection and recovery of post-consumer waste glass for cullet (broken glass) usage as a part-substitute for raw materials.
  • The group has also backward integrated into silica mining and in this regard has mining operations in South Africa and Kenya.  The group’s mining operations secure the supply of silica sand, the key material input in the manufacturing process.  In South Africa and Kenya, Consol supplies 50% of its silica sand requirements from own mining operations.
  • Consol has two retail outlets in Gauteng (Woodmead) and the Western Cape (Stellenbosch) which promote glass to the public and address the requirements for smaller orders from customers.  With a wide range of bottles, jars, glass products and decorative tableware on offer, the shops are a hub of creative ideas. 

It's good, it's in glass

Note to the Editor:

  • Consol Limited officially became Consol Glass (Proprietary) Limited on 11 April 2007 after the successful takeover bid led by private equity firm Brait, changing Consol’s status from a publicly listed, to a private ownership company. Accordingly Consol Holding’s major shareholders are Brait Private Equity, Old Mutual, Sanlam, The Public Investment Corporation, HarbourVest Private Equity Fund and Capital International Private Equity.

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