Drop 10 Kilos and Save 10 Grand

by bringing your own lunch to work every day

  • February 28 2017
  • Consol

The secret to a healthier you is a more balanced diet, which means no more snacks or quick meals from the shops and restaurants that you usually pop off to during lunch break at work. Yes, they’re convenient and a delight to eat, but their costs can quickly add up – not just in Rands but in calories. Instead, try to eat more prepared lunches from home; that way you can be sure they’re wholesome and a lot more affordable. 

Don’t be frightened by the idea of preparing meals at home, because you’ve been doing it for some time now. We’re talking about leftovers of course! Leftovers from the night before, or even a couple of nights ago – if stored in an airtight container in the fridge – will make for excellent lunches at work. After all, who knows your stomach better than you do? 

The trick, next time you’re cooking yourself dinner, is to prepare a little extra. Once it’s cool enough to store, immediately store it in a glass container to ensure it remains fresh (our glass jars will work a treat), and that’s it; it’s ready for you to take to work the next morning. Because there’s nothing quite like a homemade lasagne, stir fry or lamb chops and a potato pesto salad for lunch. 

Another great option is a salad, made from the ingredients you love most. The issue with taking a homemade salad to work is that you usually end up with a soggy mess by lunch time. You could always leave something store bought at work, but that limits you to a single option – a sure-fire way to get bored of what you’re eating and return to the shops. That’s where our Jar in a Jar comes in handy. 

You can store most of the ingredients in the larger jar and a dressing or sauce of your choosing, like pesto or hummus, in the smaller jar – but it doesn’t end at salads. Yoghurt goes great with a little granola or muesli, all of which can be kept in the same container, but separated until you’re ready to eat. Or what about some delicious, juicy lamb chops in the larger jar and the perfect mint sauce in the smaller? It’ll stay fresh for much longer, and you don’t need to cart around 10 different containers, hoping each one doesn’t leak.

Even soups and stews are perfect around lunchtime. Not only are they nutritious and great for you in the right quantities, but you’re going to leave a lot of your friends and colleagues quite jealous – that’s the fun bit. All you need is a preserve jar, for its re-sealable lid, and you’re golden. Hint: try not to get too distracted by how pretty a well-constructed jar lunch can look; you’re supposed to eat the food inside. 

You’re limited only by your imagination, because all of it can be prepared well in advance, and you can be sure that it’ll be kept fresh – glass really is a wonderful material. That means no more excuses for not eating right. Fortunately, it also means that you’re well on your way to a healthier you!