The 2017 Guide to Drinking Whisky Like It’s 1957

  • February 28 2017
  • Consol

With the trappings of the 1950s in fashion again, nothing says class like a tipple of good ol’ fashioned whisky. Bonus points if you’re sitting on anything upholstered in leather, with a lit cigar in hand and sporting that still-stylish tweed jacket that you raided from your grandfather’s closet. This article will serve as a guide to the dos and don’ts of recreating the authentic, undiluted tradition of whisky drinking, as it was meant to be enjoyed.

Choose your Retro Whisky Style 

The Bourbon Baritone

  • You like it smooth like the famous crooner Frank Sinatra, who held his drink of choice in such high regard that he was buried with it. 
  • Age: 2-8 years
  • Flavour profile: Sweet with vanilla notes

The Scotch Sipping Spy

  • You’d be forgiven for associating Sean Connery with martinis, the favourite drink of his silver screen counterpart, James Bond. However, this through-and-through Scotsman prefers Scotch straight up and has been quoted saying, “Any single malt will do.”
  • Age: 3-30 years
  • Flavour profile: Smoky with a few fruity note

The Mad Canadian

  • Anyone who has watched Mad Men will be tempted to cut their teeth on a tumbler of the Canadian Club blend, which the characters are always throwing back.
  • Age: 4-6 years
  • Flavour profile: Light bodied

Consol1 10 Whiskey

Suave Swirling Attire

No board shorts, flip flops or skinny jeans please! Swap them for a little Don Draper dapper, in an ensemble truly worthy of the cigar lounge.

  • A suit and tie is always easy on the eye, and your whisky deserves a spokesperson who doesn’t downplay the experience.
  • Shoes are the window to a man’s sense of self-worth, and yours should be just like the amber liquid in your hand… well-worn but polished to perfection.
  • A tie pin may be one of the greatest accessories out there for whisky drinkers because without it, the cologne you spritzed on this morning may find its way into your glass on an errant tie end.
  • Think a pocket square is old fashioned? Well, where would we be if people thought the same about a certain distilled drink? Plus, it’s useful to have on hand to clean up any spills and splashes.
  • Finally, the most important ingredient of all… the vessel. Everything tastes better in glass, especially whisky. Other materials can taint the flavour, and the shape of the glass can contribute to the taste in a range of different ways, which is why Consol Glass sells an array of different styles. In fact, it’s exactly what we were drinking our whisky out of way back in 1957.