The Best Things Come in Glass

  • October 11 2017
  • Consol

Below are a few ways that you can use Consol in your home, which will hopefully inspire you to make the change, because the “Best Things Come in Glass.”

Il Consol Salad Jars2


The four enemies of food packaging are light, oxygen, time and heat. It is also a fact that most storage options do not preserve the flavour or prolong the life of food. Glass is considered to be the safest and best material for retaining flavour. It may be heavier than other materials, but it is the best storage solution, as well as being environmentally friendly.

One of our favourite ways to use Consol Jars for food is by making Breakfast and Salad Jars. These are ideal for packed breakfasts and lunches, which you can take along to school or work. The Consol “Jar in a Jar”, which you can get at your nearest Consol Shop.

Il Consol Bottles


Another favourite is the Consol Grip and Go Bottle. They are the perfect gym companion and so much better than using plastic bottles. It is always convenient to have a bottle in your car, to keep hydrated during the day. If you make Raw Juices, they will stay fresh for three to four days if you store them in a Grip and Go Bottle, in the fridge.

One of the items you should get your hands on is the Active Grip and Go bottle, with the convenient flip-up lid {seen above}.

We also love using Mason Jars to serve cocktails when entertaining. It can be fun and looks rather impressive to your guests.

Il Solar Jar Table Decor


One of the hottest innovations by Consol is the Solar Jar. These have been extremely handy, especially during load shedding. You can also use them if you are camping or entertaining alfresco. They are also a fun form of table decor  – all you need to do, is pop one or two pretty flowers or even a few lemons, inside the jar.

Il Christmas Wrapping Tags Jars2


Last but certainly not least, Glass Jars are ideal for all kinds of storage around the house. They can be particularly handy for makeup and beauty storage. Jars are also an excellent way to keep your craft items organised.

Not only is Glass timeless and trendy but it is extremely versatile and durable. Above all, we love the fact that Glass is recyclable and eco-friendly. So do not miss the chance to stock up on some fantastic Consol products and head over to the Consol Shop near you.

The above article was written by Fiona Rossiter (Inspired Living) and repurposed for Consol. View original article here.