Turn Over a New Leaf in 2017

  • February 28 2017
  • Consol

With the increasing global attention on all things health-conscious and eco-friendly, it’s really no surprise that “Greenery” has been selected as Pantone’s Colour of the Year. But before you go on a frenzied mission to re-tile and re-upholster your home in every shade of green from Army to Emerald, consider the easiest and most affordable option of all; a selection of air-purifying and mood-boosting houseplants. They’ll give your house a splash of Greenery in its most literal sense, while staying true to the eco-conscious pulse behind the trend – especially if you can incorporate other natural or recyclable materials into the mix too. 

Picking the right greens

The first consideration when it comes to any aspect of greener living is sustainability. Some plants survive better indoors than others, and then there’s always the question of whether they’ll survive you and your infamous “black thumb”! Do you spend long periods away from home? Are you known for being forgetful? And just how much free time do you have to water and feed fussy houseplants? There’s no point breathing life into your home with a touch of nature if it’s only going to wither and die in a few weeks from neglect, or end up in the bin when you discover it aggravates your hay fever. 

Luckily, there are a handful of houseplants guaranteed to thrive in just about any home. Most ferns, palms, the Dracaena, and the Sansevieria or “Snake plant” are very drought resistant and need little light. Then there’s Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, aptly nicknamed the “ZZ Plant”, because it’s famous for thriving on neglect, which makes it perfect for the lazy gardener. Find more here.

Greenery Succulents

How to flaunt it

If you happen to have a few of these pot plants lying around the house, then half your job has already been done for you. All you need to do is find an eye-grabbing way to style them, like recycling an old ladder into a trendy plant display unit, as suggested by this South African décor blogger. If you’re in the mood for a bit of DIY, then why not use some plastic bottles or old piping to create an indoor vertical garden? Pallet projects are all the rage and make for practical and pretty wall planters, and throwing a wreath over a bookcase or window pelmet is an effortless way to get the look.

Glass has always gone hand in hand with green living. It’s hygienic, reusable and infinitely recyclable (find out more about green living with glass on our website), plus it makes for a great terrarium. Make your own with an old Consol jar or use a few of them as hanging vases on the wall. Glass globes encasing air plants and hanging from the ceiling are a classy statement, or you can use glass boxes or cloches if you plan on displaying them in a high-traffic zone, like on the living room table.

A trend that leaves a lasting mark

Besides beautifying your living space, keeping plants indoors comes with an abundance of health benefits too. They reduce the levels of CO2, air pollutants and dust, which is great for people who live with allergies or have housemates who are smokers. As natural humidifiers, they also help guard against and treat conditions spanning everything from dry skin to colds and flu, and they’ve been repeatedly linked to improved mental health and alertness. Finally, your renewed fascination with greenery will serve as a constant reminder to make the little changes that will have big impacts on both your life and the state of the world you live in.