A little bit of TLC

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During these trying times, making someone’s day is a difficult task, but receiving an unexpected glassy-package is a great surprise that everyone will appreciate.  “You may not be able to put happiness into a glass jar, but these care package ideas come pretty close.”

Because it’s Women’s Month, here are some great care-package ideas that are sure to make any woman smile.

These can be made and given to those near and dear to your heart, or you can assemble a whole bunch and drop them off at your nearest women’s shelter.

Care Package Idea #1: A Candle

Useful for a variety of reasons – but mainly for setting a relaxing ambiance – you can really never have too many candles. And there’s no better time to relax than this Women’s month! Stock up on scented candles, put them in a Consol jar, decorate with some ribbon and a note, and deliver to someone special to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Care Package Idea #2: Gift Cards

Gift cards may feel like one of the most old-fashioned gifts of all time but, worry not, they are actually very sentimental, as people like to hear from someone outside of their family or circle of friends. You can even crowd-source these from colleagues and make Woman’s Day extra special for someone. Just add them to your Consol jar care package.

Care Package Idea #3: Self-Care Items

Everyone deserves a little extra TLC. Send comforting items such as cosy socks or a face cloth, a toothbrush, some fancy soap, and maybe throw in some nail polish. Remind a special person that they are loved, and pamper them a little.

Care Package2

Care Package Idea #4: A Green Gift

Most of us have been cooped up, trying to self-isolate, and we all need a little bit of company. Get a friend another green little friend – no not the jealous kind! Get them a nice pot plant. A little bit of greenery can perk up anyone’s living space—and plenty of services ship living potted plants straight to locations. Be sure to get them a Consol jar to go with that beautiful plant, because it’s always better planted in a Consol jar!

Get your Consol jars at your nearest Consol Shop and get going on care-packages for Women’s month. It’s always better in glass.

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