Bloomin’ beautiful

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Completion Time: 30 Minutes

A beautiful floral arrangement adds a touch of style to any room, and Consol glass jars lend glamour and class to your bouquet, making them the perfect way to display your flowers. And, because glass contains no harmful chemicals, additives or impurities, it’s better for the flowers, too. 

If you’re spoiling someone with a large bunch of flowers, you can even use our 2l Notes jar and add a personal message. To make it even more special, why not try your making your own arrangement? All it takes are a few easy steps:


  1. Choose your favourite flowers. Make sure you have a few focal flowers, some fillers, and some greens, like eucalyptus leaves. Take the leaves off the flowers and cut the stems at an angle. This helps keep the flowers fresh for longer.
  2. Choose a jar to hold your flowers. Generally, the floral arrangement should be three times as tall and twice as wide as the container. Fill the jar about halfway with water.
  3. Arrange the filler flowers in the jar. Try keep flowers of the same kind together, rather than spreading them out. This will give your arrangement a naturally beautiful and balanced look, rather than creating a scattered effect.
  4. Now, add some greens to the jar. This makes your arrangement seem fuller. Pull your flowers and greens away from each other just slightly for a graceful, organic look. Don’t worry if flowers are different heights, or if their stems are slightly bent. This just adds to the charm.
  5. Finish your arrangement off with the focal flowers. These showstoppers will be the centre-point of your display, so choose flowers you (or the lucky person receiving the arrangement) love. Put smaller, more delicate flowers

A special thanks to Electric Butterfly. Check out their Facebook for more.