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August 22 2018 | Recipes Cocktails

Mouth-watering Bloody Mary

Spring’s around the corner, and we can’t wait for long afternoons around the pool sipping on delicio...

August 10 2018 | How-Tos Gift

Blissful bath salts

Soak the stress away with these easy-to-make bath salts. Store them in a Consol glass jar like this ...

March 28 2018 | How-Tos DIY

Green fingers

We’re putting a crafty twist on Garden Month with this gorgeous terrarium in a jar. ...

March 28 2018 | How-Tos DIY

Bloomin’ beautiful

A beautiful floral arrangement adds a touch of style to any room, and Consol glass jars lend glamour...

March 15 2018 | How-Tos DIY

The best Easter treats come in glass

Welcome to the time of year where you can just embrace all the sweet, pastel-coloured delight that i...

October 11 2017 | How-Tos Decor

DIY Chandelier

We set out to create a fun and contemporary light fixture with some electrical cord and Consol jars....