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October 11 2017 | How-Tos Decor

DIY Chandelier

We set out to create a fun and contemporary light fixture with some electrical cord and Consol jars....

March 09 2017 | How-Tos DIY

Sugar Scrub

Scrub-a-dub-dub: Step-by-step Sugar Scrub...

March 04 2017 | How-Tos Gift

Baby Shower in a Jar

Oh baby, baby! Step-by-step Baby Shower in a Jar...

March 04 2017 | How-Tos Decor

Glitter Dipped Jars

Glitter Dipped: Step-by-step Glitter Dipped Jars...

March 04 2017 | How-Tos Decor

Snow Globes

Let it Snow: Step-by-step Snow Globes...

March 04 2017 | How-Tos Decor

Painted Bottles

Hues of Hapiness: Step-by-step Painted Bottles...