Decorative Lids

  • Difficulty: Low
  • Completion Time: 1 hour 2 minutes

Plain to Posh: Step-by-step Decorative Lids

Materials Needed

Amount Material
Any Consol bottle or jar with a solid lid – any size will work
Any Plastic figurines (soldiers, superheroes, bugs, ballerinas, cars and animals all work)
- Super glue
- Spray paint
- Sandpaper
- Newspaper/dropcloth
- A timer


  1. Lightly sand the bottom of your figurine’s feet and the lid where it will be placed (not the entire lid, mark with a sharpie pen if that helps)
  2. Follow the directions on your glue and wait out the recommended drying time. Once the glue is dry, inspect your figurine to make sure the bond is secure, touching up if needed
  3. Spray paint your figure and lid with one light coat. Set your timer for 15 minutes - check and adjust drying times as needed
  4. Repeat until fully covered and dry
  5. Fill the bottle or jar, place the lid on and enjoy
  6. Try a chalkboard paint for a totally different feel and write a name or message on the lid
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