Upcycled Toy Storage

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Completion Time: About an hour

Keep your kids busy and their rooms tidy during the long winter holiday with this cute storage idea. Consol glass jars and upcycled old toys look great on the shelf, and help to declutter playrooms and bedrooms. You can even use the jars to store sweets or biscuits, pet treats, or bathroom items, like cotton wool, or as sweet and thoughtful gifts.  

Use a Consol Notes Jar and write your child’s name on it for a personal touch.

Materials Needed

Amount Material
3 Old toys, like figurines
- Sandpaper
- Spray paint
- Super glue
- Consol jars, in any size


  1. Lightly sand the lids and the old toys where they will come into contact with each other.
  2. Glue the toys to the lids.
  3. Once dried, spray paint the new lid, and repeat if necessary.
  4. Fill your new storage container with toys, crayons, or treats.
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