Mixed Berry Smoothie

  • Difficulty: Low
  • Completion Time: 10 minutes

If you’re one to marvel at incredible looking smoothie jars online, It turns out that making your own is fairly simple. They taste amazing and are great for kicking back on a warm day or even as a treat for the kids.

Ingredients Needed

Amount Ingredient
1 Cup frozen mixed berries
- A splash of water or almond milk for consistency
1 Tbsp of granola or oats
1 Sprinkle of cocoa
1 Sprinkle of cinnamon
- Your choice of fresh berries and fruit


  1. Blend frozen mixed berries and water/almond milk until mixture is quite thick.
  2. Pour the mixture into your Consol jar.
  3. Spoon granola or oats on top of the mixture.
  4. Sprinkle with cocoa and cinnamon.
  5. Top with fresh berries and fruit – we used raspberries, strawberries and sliced apple.

The above recipe was written by Nicola Ashe (Ask Ashe) and repurposed for Consol. View original article here.

Ask Ashe Smoothie