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March 07 2018 | Recipes Cakes

Perfect tiramisu in a jar

This Italian classic is always a hit at dinner parties and family gatherings....

November 17 2017 | Recipes Cocktails

Consol Kegtail Recipes

A perfectly mixed kegtail gets our thumbs up no matter the time of year. If you were lucky enough to...

October 11 2017 | Recipes Salads

Salad Jar

For your seasonal salad sensations, clip top jars or the innovative Jar in a Jar are great options. ...

October 11 2017 | Recipes Smoothies

Mixed Berry Smoothie

If you’re one to marvel at incredible looking smoothie jars online, It turns out that making your ow...

October 11 2017 | Recipes Cocktails

Mixed Berry Margarita with Jalapeño

We suggest you make these mixed berry margaritas with jalapeño in Consol jars because you will love ...

March 09 2017 | Recipes

Pickled Beetroot

Eat your way to good health with fermented foods in glass....