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June 13 2018 | Recipes Sauces

Surprise Dad with this rad gift

Dad is king of the braai, so shake things up this Father’s Day and give him this homemade Rad Dad Br...

April 16 2018 | Recipes Home-cooked meals

Comfort cooking: It’s as easy as pie

Winter’s well on its way, and we’ve find a delicious pie recipe to warm you up when the nights turn ...

March 07 2018 | Recipes Cakes

Perfect tiramisu in a jar

This Italian classic is always a hit at dinner parties and family gatherings....

November 17 2017 | Recipes Cocktails

Consol Kegtail Recipes

A perfectly mixed kegtail gets our thumbs up no matter the time of year. If you were lucky enough to...

October 11 2017 | Recipes Salads

Salad Jar

For your seasonal salad sensations, clip top jars or the innovative Jar in a Jar are great options. ...

October 11 2017 | Recipes Smoothies

Mixed Berry Smoothie

If you’re one to marvel at incredible looking smoothie jars online, It turns out that making your ow...