Why choose glass?

Glass is all around us

We make use of glass so often that most of us don’t realise just how pervasive it is in our daily lives. Glass is there when you gulp down your morning glass of orange juice, and when you open a jar of your favourite jam. It’s there to hold your water when you grab a quick workout at the gym after work, and it’s there to help you serve up dinner in style when you get home. Glass is literally all around us!

As an ancient material that has been prized for its unique qualities since 3,500 BC, glass is associated with longevity, strength, beauty and hygiene – it’s no wonder that premium products have a proud history of being packaged in glass more than any other packaging material. So why choose glass? We’re glad you asked!

It’s healthy

Glass is a completely natural product that contains no harmful chemicals, additives or impurities. Unlike other packaging, it is non-porous and completely impervious to gases and liquids, keeping food safe from spoilage due to the bacteria that inevitably find their way into less well-protected foods. Glass is also easy to disinfect and sanitise between uses, so its health qualities last a lifetime. 

Why Glass 1Healthy

It preserves taste and freshness

No other material can match the ability of glass to preserve flavour and freshness in food. Since it retains temperatures well and keeps packaging air-tight, glass helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and moulds that lead to food spoilage. Simply put: in glass, food and beverage products taste better, for longer. 

It keeps its contents colder, for longer

Ever noticed that your favourite soft drinks always seem just a little more refreshing than their counterparts in other packaging? It may be more than your imagination! Plastic and metals are good conductors of temperature, meaning that cold beverages placed in these materials will warm up more quickly if left out at room temperature or held in a warm hand. Glass, on the other hand, is a poor conductor – so your drink will stay colder for longer, for maximum refreshment.

Why Glass 3Colder

It's beautiful

As a premium product, glass adds a sense of luxury, style and good taste to any occasion, and any product it holds. It can be shaped, cut and coloured in innumerable ways, from delicate hand-blown vessels to tough and strong bottles and jars for everyday use.

It's 100% recyclable

Glass is made of all-natural minerals and is completely organic, so it’s as healthy for the planet as it is for the people using it. Being 100% recyclable means that glass, when properly handled, can be used and recycled again and again without ending up in landfills or placing an unnecessary burden on our precious natural resources. 

Why Glass 5Recycle

It's versatile

As a material, glass is limited only by the imagination of the maker. From tableware and everyday storage solutions to innovative and beautiful packaging, glass can be formed by blowing, stretching, pressing, vacuum moulding, and dozens of other techniques, to create anything you can imagine!


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